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the last Strokes

This will be my final entry on this site – if you want to carry on reading my thoughts then you can do so at my new blog.

There are two last things for me to do before signing off and these are to confirm my final sponsorship total of £640.50 (plus a bit more from Gift Aid) and to show off my completion certificate and prize towel (actually I was sent two towels by mistake but given that I lost one towel part way through the challenge perhaps this is only fair!). So, here is a photo of me with my towel and certificate and just to add to the fun I thought I would put on my Aspire Channel Swim swimming cap (which I didn’t wear whilst swimming). Thanks to everyone who supported my efforts and thanks to anyone who has read about them. Writing this blog was one of the key things that kept me going…



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I have finally got round to scanning in the congratulations card and certificate given to me on completion of my swim by my daughters and so, as promised in the last but one blog entry, here are the pictures. First, this is the front of the Congratulations card made for me by my elder daughter…

Congratulations Card Front

… and this is the inside front cover showing me before, during and after my swimming efforts…

Congratulations Card inside

Finally, here is the certificate made for me by my younger daughter…



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29/12/2008: mutley musings

Almost four weeks has passed since my last timswim entry and since then I have failed miserably to do three things. First, and most embarrassingly, I haven’t swum (that’s not completely true – I have visited the pool once and swum 4 lengths). Secondly, I haven’t added to this blog (that’s not completely true either now) and thirdly, I haven’t yet got around to collecting all of the sponsorship money that has been pledged for my efforts. Still, never fear, with Christmas out of the way I will soon get back into the swing of visiting the pool and gym (I’m actually looking forward to renewing my acquiantance with the gym having eschewed it in favour of the pool from September 2008 onwards) and I will be making it a priority to get the sponsorship money collected in the next few weeks as it is not something I want to drag on for long. However, most excitingly (you know it’s true…) I have finally got round to setting up my a new blog so that I can maintain my blogging efforts and continue to amuse and entertain my loyal readers… The new blog is called Mutley Musings and you can find it by clicking the words Mutley Musings earlier in this sentence or via the link on the right-hand side of this page. So far it only has one entry (which is simply a short piece about the new blog) but with a bit of luck I’ll be able to quickly start populating it with fresh entries over the coming weeks.

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