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23/11/08 [70]: invisibility cloak

% swum:    
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totals: 70 days, 1240 lengths, 176 lengths to go, £520.00 sponsorship

30 lengths today in a crowded Sunday afternoon pool. Rumour has it that I look a bit like Harry Potter (I have dark hair, wear glasses and, strangely enough, I do actually have a small scar on my forehead…) but today I started to wonder whether I might actually be Master Potter and had forgotten to take off my invisibility cloak. There I was swimming lengths and taking care to steer a path avoiding everyone else, only to find that everyone else in the pool appeared to be oblivious to my presence and seemed hell-bent on leaping randomly into my path (or throwing small children through the air to land in the pool just ahead of me). Fortunately, after a short spell of this, the slow lane became free and and I was able to swim in freedom.

There are now two weeks left in which to complete this challenge. I have swum 1240 lengths which is 87.6% of the required distance with 83.33% of the time gone. I have averaged 17.7 lengths per day and so continuing this rate of progress I will finish on the 79th day, which is Tuesday 2nd December (with 5 days to spare). I have to complete 12.6 lengths per day from now on. There is just one cause for concern at the moment, namely that every other member of my family has suffered or is suffering with a bad cold so if it hits me I might lose a few days. Still, there’s nothing like making things more exciting eh? The timswim worm shows my overall progress. This week (Week 10) has actually been the third worst week so far in terms of distance covered.

timswim worm Week 10


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20/11/08 [67]: lucky lockers

% swum:    
% days:    
totals: 67 days, 1210 lengths, 206 lengths to go, £500.00 sponsorship

34 lengths this morning – I would have done a few more but I thought it was later than it actually was and I didn’t want to get caught in the pre-work/school traffic on my way home.

Today I was reflecting on how when you do an activity on a regular basis you tend to like it if things follow a nice stable routine (well I do anyway). So, I was delighted again this morning when I entered the changing room and found that my favourite corner was free (in on the left with plenty of bench space). Even better, I was able to use my favourite locker (Number 2) which is the one closest to my favourite space. Number 2 is the best one as far as I am concerned but its next-door neighbour Number 4 is pretty good also. I don’t like the odd numbers (the top row) at all. If I can’t get my favourite corner then I’m happy if I get my second favourite corner (in on the right) but this one is a lot more cramped than the other one. If I am forced across this side then it is some compensation if I can use locker Number 42 (which was my age when I started this challenge off and is also, of course, the answer to life, the universe and everything…). Strangely, Number 42 is not located right next to my second favourite corner but four lockers along – the magic of the number makes up for the extra distance.

Other parts of my routine for morning swims include – one glass of water and a banana to eat before I leave home; Gordon Sparks (Radio Devon Plymouth Breakfast Show) on the radio on the way to and from the pool and parking in a particular spot in the car park (it’s hard to describe which one and, in any case, if I told you you might park there just to see if you can get a reaction out of me – grrr…..).

This is all normal behaviour isn’t it?

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19/11/08 [66]: limerick competition

% swum:    
% days:    
totals: 66 days, 1176 lengths, 240 lengths to go, £500.00 sponsorship

I’ve had a bad start to this week by not swimming on Monday and Tuesday, but today I was back in the pool and added another 40 lengths to the total. In some ways the challenge has become much harder now that I have nearly completed the full distance because it is more difficult to get motivated and get out of the house and up to the pool – a bit of mind over matter is what is needed now.

Today I thought I would not write much of an entry but instead test my readers (as if there are some…) by setting you a limerick competition. Here are the first two lines – now it’s your turn to finish the limerick off in suitable fashion. Just send me your ending by leaving a comment on this entry. All entries that can be published will be and if there are any that I really like you might even get a prize…

A fellow from Plymouth called Tim
Decided to go for a swim

Over to you…

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