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28/10/08 [42]: half time

% swum:    
% days:    
totals: 42 days, 746 lengths, 670 lengths to go, £208.00 sponsorship

42 days gone now, which is exactly half way through the time allowed for this challenge. I am a little ahead of schedule (53% completed; 38 lengths up on the average schedule). Today I had a lunchtime swim in the outside pool and probably had my best swim so far. I completed 35 outdoor lengths which equates to 28 lengths of the 25m indoor pool and they were all completed in a relaxed and powerful fashion. My stroke today was long and consistent and significantly improved by an extra pull of water at the end of the (arm) stroke which lifted me more fully from the water and gave me longer to breathe. I will have to try this out again tomorrow.

The week ahead (Week 7) should start well as I hope to get to the pool before work four days in a row. The timswim worm up to the end of Week 6 is shown below complete with a new addition. The red dotted line shows a linear trend line through my swimming efforts so far and if you follow it upwards to the top of the chart and then look down to the Day axis it gives you an indication of when I will finish the challenge based on my average progress to date (so currently the trend line predicts that I will finish about a week early. We shall see…


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23/10/08 [39]: allez, allez, allez…

% swum:    
% days:    
totals: 39 days, 718 lengths, 698 lengths to go, £188.00 sponsorship

Aujourdhui, j’ai nagé trente-quatre longeurs et parce que j’ai nagé maintenant plusque sept-cent-huit longeurs et je suis plus près de la France que l’Angleterre je pense que je dois écrire en francais. J’espere que je peux continuer traverser La Manche sans difficulté.

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22/10/08 [38]: “road-block” ahead

% swum:    
% days:    
totals: 38 days, 684 lengths, 732 lengths to go, £188.00 sponsorship

The “usual” again this morning (32 lengths) and after five days without a morning swim I was pleased to have managed to drag myself up and get back on track. The swimming itself was easy enough but today I felt really frustrated by the need to keep dodging sideways in the pool to avoid other people. Anyone who knows me will, I hope, agree that I am a pretty tolerant person, but it seems to me that if all you are going to do is walk up and down the pool whilst chatting to a friend then you could at least do this at the edge of the pool so that other people can swim with relatively little disturbance. 🙄

While I am having a bit of a moan, something else I can’t really get my head around is the seemingly vast number of people who get up early in the morning, get changed into the swimming gear and then sit for as little as five minutes in the pool-side jacuzzi (and never, ever actually attempt any swimming). What’s that all about then? Today there was a whole group of people sitting in the jacuzzi but turned around facing the pool watching those of us swimming. It was as if watching three or four unknown people swimming slowly back and forth had become the next big spectator sport – odd. Either that or the word is spreading and I am becoming famous. 😆

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