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05/10/08 [21]: swimming in treacle

% swum:    
% days:    
totals: 21 days, 380 lengths, 1036 lengths to go, £163.00 sponsorship

Peculiar swim this afternoon. After a couple of days on which swimming seemed to be really smooth and effortless, today I found that it was a real struggle to move forwards. The water felt thick, I couldn’t coordinate my movements and even struggled a few times to make it across the pool. The best description I can come up with is that it was like swimming in treacle. Perhaps the most disconcerting thing of all was that I couldn’t find any explanation so it was not just a physical struggle but also a mental one. I managed 20 lengths which is still useful but I just hope that things return to normal tomorrow.

As far as overall progress is concerned, I am still a little ahead of schedule (26 lengths, which is about 1.5 days) and am almost 27% of the way now. After my set-back earlier in the week when I had a cold and couldn’t swim, it’s good to be back on course. Hopefully I can get even further ahead of schedule in the next few days when I should be able to get some decent pre-work morning swims in. Here’s the end of Week 3 swim worm: 


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04/10/08 [20] a little bonus

% swum:    
% days:    
totals: 20 days, 360 lengths, 1056 lengths to go, £163.00 sponsorship

Today’s swim was a bit of a bonus really – another 20 lengths. The primary reason for going was that we needed showers because we don’t have a bathroom at home at the moment, but I could hardly not put in a few lengths while I was there could I? I am now just over 25% of the way through the challenge and slightly ahead of schedule. I’m looking forward to getting the target down below 1000 lengths – it’ll be good to be counting in thre digits rather than four – should be early next week that I break this barrier.

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03/10/08 [19]: lasagne and chips

% swum:    
% days:    
totals: 19 days, 340 lengths, 1076 lengths to go, £163.00 sponsorship

Hard day at work today (six hours lecturing with only one hour break in the middle), so it was good to head straight up to the pool with the family and swim a nice, relaxing 20 lengths. The odd thing was that after yesterday’s experimentation with a longer glide I naturally found myself swimming a different style of stroke than I have previously which was long, smooth and seemed to use hardly any energy (though I was still moving pretty slowly). After the exertion of the swim, there was only one thing left to do, and that was to fill up with a nice bit of beef lasagne and chips – not exactly healthy I suppose but it’s still fuel!

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02/10/08 [18]: great comeback

% swum:    
% days:    
totals: 18 days, 320 lengths, 1096 lengths to go, £163.00 sponsorship

After five whole days out of the pool, the result of an irritating cold, this morning I made my return to the water. At the outset I was just hoping to do 20 or so lengths to ease myself back in, but I felt fine, found I was swimming rather smoothly (for me) and so I just kept going. By the end of my session I had covered 42 lengths (a new record) and had managed to get myself right back on track just a little ahead of the average schedule required. During the first week fo this challenge I had counted strokes per length a few times and been taking around 35 strokes/length (which works out at just over 70cm per stroke). Today, I immediately found myself taking more like 26 strokes/length (~90cm per stroke) and by the end of the session I was down to nearer 20 strokes/length (~125cm per stroke). This represents an incredible (to me at least) increase in my stroke length of nearly 80%. The big difference kicked in when I started to really concentrate on the forwards glide part of my stroke. Strangely, although I sank lower into the water during the glide as I increased its duration, I found that I was naturally coming out of the water with plenty of time to take in some air. There must be a physical explanation for this, but I’m only a Chartered Physicist so it’s no use expecting me to work out what it is…

One more thing – I want to say a big thank you to all the marvellous people in the Faculty of Science Office, University of Plymouth) who together have managed to more than double my existing sponsorship amount.

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