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28/09/08 [14]: meet the worm

% swum:    
% days:    
totals: 14 days, 278 lengths, 1138 lengths to go, £75.00 sponsorship

Well, what I hoped wouldn’t happen has happened. I am currently laid low as far as swimming is concerned with a heavy cold. It’s one of the perils of working in a university, being married to a teacher and have two children in different schools that every year around this time there’s some bug or another that does the rounds. I was hoping that perhaps it would miss me out and leave me to swim in peace but that’s not to be. So, it’s a good job that I’ve had a productive first couple of weeks and am a little ahead of schedule (42 lengths or ~2.5 days ahead of the required average distance at this point in the challenge). Unfortunately I have a feeling that this cold is going to keep me out of the pool for at least a couple more days so I might well drop behind.

Anyway, in my last entry I promised I would introduce the “swim worm”, so here it is:

The green line shows the number of lengths that I need to have completed by the end of each day of the challenge if I proceed at the required average pace and the blue line (the worm) shows how far I have actually gone. You can clearly see the excellent start that I made with progress flattening off a bit over the second week. The worm will be back at the end of each week.


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26/09/08 [12]: sandpaper throat

% swum:    
% days:    
totals: 12 days, 278 lengths, 1138 lengths to go, £75.00 sponsorship

No session yesterday so it was good to get back on track with 32 lengths today – a mixture of nice smooth lengths when everything clicked and some really scrappy ones with a couple of mouthfuls of water mid-length. I’m a little on tenter-hooks at the moment as two members of my family have been laid low this week with nasty colds and I have developed a bit of a snuffle and one of those sore throats which feel as if someone has been at work with some coarse sandpaper. Still, the whole point of getting off to a good start with this challenge was to ensure that I had enough slack in my schedule to cope with one or two minor ailments of the coming weeks so even if things get worse and I have to miss a few days I’ve already proved to myself that I shouldn’t have any trouble getting back on track. For the record I am now just about 20% of the way through in terms of distance but only 14% through in terms of time so it’s looking good. Watch out for the “swim worm” in my next entry – the latest I idea I had for presenting my progress.

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24/09/08 [10]: heavy traffic

% swum:    
% days:    
totals: 10 days, 246 lengths, 1170 lengths to go, £33.00 sponsorship

Yesterday I disappointed myself by waking up, not feeling like heading to the pool as I had planned and then not heading for the pool as planned – I guess it is a good thing that I felt a bit guilty all day long. With this in mind, it was important that I put a good shift in today and I am pleased to be able to report that I completed a new session record of 40 lengths. When I got to the pool I discovered that the outdoor pool there was “closed until further notice” and so the indoor pool (where I am completing most of my swimming) resembled one of those massive multi-lane highways in the USA, with swimmers ploughing up and back across the whole width of the pool. It was with some trepidation that I joined the traffic, initially picking what seemed to be the quietest patch and then carefully timing my moves and weaving sideways to avoid oncoming and overtaking swimmers. Fortunately, the pool fairly quickly cleared quite a bit, but the increased crowding had made me concentrate hard on simply getting each length done with the minimum fuss and I was able to carry this on through the rest of my session. The result was that I swam faster (and got more tired in the process) but was able to make up some of the ground I lost by missing yesterday’s session. It’s particularly satisfying to know that I swam one kilometre before breakfast! No problems with my goggles today – obviously this is because I have ordered some new ones. Today, I must start to take some action to publicise my efforts and get my sponsorship total moving upwards.

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22/09/08 [08]: leaky goggles

% swum:    
% days:    
totals: 8 days, 206 lengths, 1210 lengths to go, £33.00 sponsorship

After a day off yesterday (Sunday) it was back into the pool this morning for the start of week 2. From here onwards I am going to start losing the opportunity for early morning sessions as work commitments kick in. Anyway, today I swam another 32 lengths during which the most notable activity was my goggles developing an annoying habit of leaking water, so my right eye is now suffering a bit from a chlorine overdose. I’m going to have to order some new ones today and keep my fingers crossed that they arrive quickly. Over the first week of this challenge I managed to average 24.9 lengths per day – if I keep that rate up (big doubts about this) I’ll complete the swim in 57 days which would be on Monday 10th November…

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