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14/09/08: sign up

I’ve done it. After a couple of weeks of deliberation I finally decided to commit myself to this challenge and have signed up on the Aspire website. There are a few pages on this site that need to be sorted out (hopefully a job for tomorrow) and I also need to sort out the justgiving sponsorship page, but essentially everything is ready to go and all that remains to do is the small matter of 1416 25m lengths – that’s 118 per week or an average of just under 17 per day.


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05/09/08: trial swim #2

This morning I completed another pre-work trip up to the pool, this time fitting in 45 minutes in the pool and putting in 32 lengths. Swimming the “channel” this way is definitely possible for me but will require four or five swims per week at my current swimming speed. The bad news was that the longer session made me slightly later to leave the pool and then the whole of Plymouth’s traffic was disrupted by an accident which closed one of the major routes into the city. It took me 50 minutes to get home – unbelievable really but at least these were extraordinary conditions. So now I know for sure that getting up and swimming in the morning is feasible I don’t really have any reason not to take on the challenge.
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04/09/08: trial swim #1

This morning I got up early and tried getting up to the pool and swimming before going to work. It worked out fine – 30 minutes driving (total for both ways), about 30 minutes swimming and 30 minutes miscellaneous activity such as getting changed and to and from the car. In total I managed 24 lengths – I seem to average about 4 lengths (100m) per 5 minutes. Anyway, the good news is that it does seem to be practical for me to fit a useful swimming session in before work so that makes taking on the challenge of the Aspire Channel Swim possible. I’ll try a slightly longer morning session tomorrow and see whether I can get up to 30 lengths.
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01/09/08: timswim is born

If I am going to take on this challenge then I will need a vehicle to record my progress and provide information for potential sponsors. As I have some experience of the WordPress blog software it’s only natural to use it for this project and the name ‘timswim‘ popped into my head as an obvious name for a blog about someone called Tim doing a swim. I particularly like the fact that “timswim” sounds identical to “Tim’s whim”, which is really a very good description of what I am contemplating doing here. So timswim is born.
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26/08/08: the publicity poster

This morning I took my youngest daughter to a diving lesson at Central Park Pool (Plymouth). This was her second lesson of a four session summer holiday course and my first as taxi driver and spectator. After the lesson, I was standing in the entrance foyer of the pool when a poster on the wall for the Aspire Channel Swim caught my eye. Almost immediately I was taken with the idea of completing the swim despite the fact that for someone of my swimming ability this would be a rather crazy thing to do. There was just something attractive about the idea and the way it fitted in with my new-found ability to swim lengths and my desire for a good challenge…
[entry written retrospectively but dated to appear in correct chronological order]

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