27/11/08 [74]: too many titles

November 27, 2008 at 10:49 am 1 comment

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totals: 74 days, 1354 lengths, 62 lengths to go, £550.00 sponsorship

Whilst I swim I usually think about what I will write in my next blog entry and try to come up with a title for the next entry. Today, I found that I had a problem. With the challenge almost complete and only a few more blog entries remaining there were simply too many topics spinning through my head that I still wan to cover. So today’s entry is titled “too many titles” because it could have been called “under 100“, “record session“, “swimming v marking” or “prize time” to name just four possibilities.

For the record, I swam 50 lengths today. My original target was 32 to get my overal total down to the nice round figure of 80, but as I swam I realised that I probably didn’t have another opportunity to achieve a personal milestone that I have been thinking about for some time, namely to swim 50 lengths in one go. So I ploughed on and decided to ignore the chance that I might get caught in traffic on the way home. 12 lengths into the swim I passed the first of today’s key points, namely getting the total down below 100 lengths, then ultimately (and relatively easily really) I hit my revised target of 50 lengths. I am also pleased to report that the BMW 5 Series (see yesterday’s entry had done the decent thing and parked elsewhere…).

While I was swimming I was reflecting on the fact that today I will be working my way through a big pile of marking (57 first year scientific experiment reports) and considering the similarity of that task with the swimming that I have been doing. Both tasks involve repeating an action which is relatively straightforward over and over again and the challenge comes from keeping going and ensuring that each individual length or marked piece of work is achieved effectively and with consistent quality. Repeating the task over and over again introduces negative factors such as boredom and fatigure and an ever increasing risk of succumbing to distractions. But having successfully demonstrated to myself the “power of small” in the context of my swimming (one length at a time) it will be interesting to see if I can transfer this across to my marking activity and perform this more efficiently also.

There have now been six entries to the Limerick competition I set a few of days ago. I think that all of these are excellent because the Limerick really wasn’t that easy to complete due to the lack of words that rhyme with “Tim” (especially as “swim” was already used up on the second line). As with any competition there are always losers as well as winners so I’d like to commiserate with my Mum and the Norwich contigent of our family who despite sending in fine entries didn’t quite reach the pinnacle. In the end I am going to award two special prizes. One prize goes to my youngest daughter (aged 10) for her entry, the first one sent in, and reflects her overall enthusiasm towards my task and the encouragement she has given me throughout (plus, life here wouldn’t be worth living if I didn’t make her a winner…). There is one condition for her prize, and that is that she only gets it if she reads this entry because I am not going to tell her. The other prize, which goes to the originator of my favourite entry overall goes to Roger from RS Aqua Ltd. I don’t actually know Roger but he has picked up on my challenge via some professional email correspondence we have had and for some strange reason seems to have enjoyed reading this blog – so much so that he has claimed that my entry on buoyancy a few weeks back left him needing to go for a drink after work (yeah right…) and has even looked in on the blog whilst on a work trip in Shanghai. Roger has also been a generous sponsor. My favourite limerick is his second entry (the fish one). So Roger, your prize is two-fold; first you get a really, really valuable advertisement for your company RS Aqua Ltd and much more importantly to the work of the charity Epilepsy Bereaved (this link explains why); second, as the overall timswim limerick competition winner you now have an excuse to go out and celebrate…


Entry filed under: Week 11.

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  • 1. Alice  |  November 27, 2008 at 8:24 pm

    Thanks for my prize! I got some good cards!

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